What quite gift would impress President Donald Trump? For Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc


What quite gift would impress President Donald Trump? For Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the solution was: a gold-framed portrait of Donald Trump.
The State Department on Monday published an inventory of gifts that foreign governments gave to Trump and other U.S. officials in 2018. The report offers a snapshot of how Trump’s peers curry his favor and a sometimes amusing account of how the U.S. government responds.

France’s Emmanuel Macron gave Trump a Louis Vuitton bag and a few photographs valued together at $8,275. The mayor of Davos, Switzerland, gave him a hickory golf putter ($450). The portrait from Vietnam was valued at $3,100. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump transferred everything they received to the National Archives, keep with U.S. law.

The government treats some gifts less kindly. the key Service destroyed a clock that the prince of Bahrain gave to vice chairman Mike Pence, possibly out of concern it’d be a secret surveillance device. Several watches given to CIA agents will meet an equivalent fate.

Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, purchased bracelets worth $3,185 from the Queen of Jordan so as to stay them. it had been the sole gift Ivanka Trump received, consistent with the report, while Kushner transferred two other items to the archives.

A White House spokeswoman referred an invitation for comment to the State Department, which didn’t immediately respond.

Trump’s gifts also included black leather boots from former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ($545); an oblong stone block, recognizing Jerusalem because the capital of Israel, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ($600); sterling cuff links with a purple ruby from Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ($465); a FIFA World Cup collector’s box from Russian President Putin ($1,500); a vase from Chinese President Xi Jinping ($2,100); and a marble sculpture of a beluga whale from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ($470).

The clock Pence had to forfeit was given to him by the prince of Bahrain, Salman Al Khalifa, in November of 2017, consistent with the report. The clock was produced by William & Son of London, stylized with the flag of Bahrain and valued at $5,730.

“Disposition – Destroyed per USSS Policy,” the report says, without elaborating. a complete of nine watches, including luxury brands like Rado and Omega, given to 6 unidentified CIA agents also are slated for destruction, it said.

The Secret Service didn’t immediately answer an invitation for comment.

Trump is adding to the haul in the week during a visit to India. On Monday, he was given a framed picture of himself and therefore the first lady at the Taj Mahal .

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