Stadium Roof Collapses On Camera While Being Dismantled In Russia


One person died after the roof of an enormous stadium within the city of St Petersburg, Russia, collapsed while under reconstruction. Euro News reports that SKK Peterburgsky collapsed on Friday afternoon and trapped one worker under the rubble. His body was later recovered.
The sports and concert complex, which was opened in 1980, was being reconstructed to host the hockey World Championship in 2023, reports BBC.

Horrifying footage of the instant of collapse was captured by a drone. it’s been viewed thousands of times on Reddit and shows the stadium roof collapsing while one worker manages to flee on a metal lift and therefore the other appears to fall.

In a statement, Russia’s emergency ministry in Saint Petersburg named the worker who fell as 29-year-old M Kucherov. consistent with the statement, his safety cable broke during the incident. “As a results of the weakening of the structure, the roof and walls of the dome collapsed,” the statement said.

M Kucherov was one among the four workers tasked with cutting metal cables to dismantle the roof. consistent with Russia’s emergency ministry, he “carried out gas cutting work, in preparation for the planned demolition of the dome of the building”.

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