China Appeals To Cancel Weddings, Expedite Funerals, To Contain Virus Spread


China has asked couples to delay their nuptials from a well-liked wedding date and families to scale down funeral services to assist slow the spread of the country’s viral outbreak.
The appeal came because the price from the new coronavirus soared to 259 and therefore the total number of cases neared 12,000 nationwide.

“Where marriage registrations are announced or promised for Groundhog Day this year, you’re advised to cancel it and explain things to others,” a civil affairs ministry statement said.
February 2 this year is being considered a lucky date for wedding ceremonies because the sequence of numbers “02022020” reads an equivalent backwards as forwards.

Beijing, Shanghai and other cities had earlier decided to supply wedding registry services on the date, despite it falling on a Sunday when offices are usually closed.

The ministry said it might temporarily halt marriage counselling services and asked the general public to not hold wedding banquets.

It also said funerals should be held during a “simple and expeditious manner to avoid gatherings of people” and therefore the bodies of any victims of the coronavirus should be cremated as soon as possible.

Staff handling funerals should wear protective gear and perform temperature checks to avoid risking infection, the statement added.

China has introduced drastic travel restrictions and pushed back the top of the Lunar New Year break — when many many people travel across the country to go to family — during a bid to contain the virus.

Schools and universities nationwide are told to not resume classes, officials have urged factories to delay their return to figure and therefore the public has been asked to avoid large crowds.

More than 50 million people in Hubei province, where the virus was first detected, are effectively locked down after authorities severed transport links.

Officials in Hubei announced Saturday that they might suspend all marriage registrations from Monday until further notice.

Several countries including the US and Australia have barred entry to foreigners who have travelled to China within the past fortnight .

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